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New Research Developments On CBD & THC Usage

Due to society becoming laxer on marijuana, recreational and medicinal cannabis has been legalized at the state level in many places. As such, more and more people are choosing to use CBD and THC for different reasons. Thanks to the government easing restrictions when it comes to researching the compounds, many health benefits are being found. Some folks suggest that the substances…

  • Alleviate Aches And Pains
  • Help With Abnormal Sleep
  • Reduce Anxiety And Stress
  • Prevent Seizures

However, with so much information in circulation, it is difficult to tell which data is credible and which is not. Therefore, this post is going to discuss recent research developments to assist readers in understanding what THC and CBD have to offer. So, curious individuals should stay put and read on to learn more. 

Firstly, How Should A Person Use CBD And THC?

There are plenty of options out there for getting the compounds into one’s bloodstream. Yet, one, vaping, is preferred by many over the others as the effects kick in quicker with this method. A person needs a top-notch pen and battery for this endeavor. Then, again, they can go with a rechargeable disposable device too. Our organization has the vaporizer pen that you need at wholesale prices. Additionally, batteries, oil cartridges, and other accessories are available also. Not every CBD vape pen with a wholesale price tag is created equal. 

If a consumer purchases a cheap knock off, it is likely not going to provide them with the experience that he or she seeks. Plus, persons that buy from untrustworthy sources could get a bad batch of CBD or THC vape juice. According to a vast number of news outlets, counterfeit products may be responsible for the string of vaping hospitalizations lately. So, view our inventory to get the safe CBD vaporizer pen, battery, or cartridge at the wholesale price that you desire. 

Now, Let’s Move On To Some New CBD Research Developments

According to an article published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website, rodent clinical trials have shown promising results with CBD treatments. The researchers discovered that mice who received cannabidiol experienced anti-depressant like effects. It is believed that the impact is dependent upon the serotonin levels in the Central Nervous System. Hence, as more studies take place, it may be proven that CBD is a good choice for combating depression and anxiety. 

Meanwhile, a pharmacokinetic and clinical study by Cornell University has revealed that CBD oil can increase comfort and activity in canines with osteoarthritis. The pooches received either a placebo or 2 mg of cannabidiol every 12 hours. Owners completed questionnaires for the research team, and veterinarians assessed the experiment. In conclusion, the pet doctors found that CBD treatments reduced pain and got the dogs up and moving around. As with the exam mentioned above, perhaps this and future studies will show the effectiveness of CBD in treating arthritis. Thus, finally giving humans with the ailment some much-needed relief.  

The five-year survival rate of pancreatic cancer patients is around 5-percent. Little to no significant changes have occurred when it comes to cures or treatments within the last 40-years. However, a study published in Oncogene suggests advancements could be on their way shortly. Mice with pancreatic cancer were given a combination of CBD, GPR55, and gemcitabine. The latter is often used to treat pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Rodents who were given the formula survived approximately 3-times longer than mice that received GEM alone. Therefore, those with pancreatic cancer shouldn’t give up hope just yet as solutions might be right around the corner. 

THC Research Developments

Medical marijuana was prescribed to 120 patients with migraines in Colorado between January 2010 and September 2014. The study published in Pharmacotherapy shows that 48 of the participants reported positive effects. Those results included a decreased frequency in the number of headaches as well as aborted migraines. Fourteen patients experienced negative side-effects. They entailed of drowsiness and difficulty in controlling marijuana’s effects. It is notable to mention that the adverse conditions were most commonly caused by edibles rather than other forms of cannabis. 

The National Institute of Health indicates that roughly 50,000 people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease every year. It typically affects middle-aged and elderly persons. Symptoms often include hand tremors, rigid movements, speech changes, and slowed movement. Loss of automatic movements such as blinking, smiling, or swinging of the arms may be experienced as well. There is no cure for the condition as of yet. However, that might change thanks to a small study of forty-seven nondemented patients. 

The participants were given medical cannabis to exam how it affected the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Once again, the results were promising. Researchers found that the treatment reduced pain, tremors, depression, muscle stiffness, and even improved sleep. Adverse side-effects were reported by some patients that included cough, confusion, and hallucinations. This investigation could lead to the further development of safe, effective medications derived from cannabis. 

Persons should consult with their doctors ahead of starting a THC or CBD regimen. The professionals know the ins and outs of the compounds, which means they can answer any questions that individuals may have. Also, a physician will be able to advise their patients over whether the course of action is right for them or not. These research developments show that CBD and THC have medicinal purposes. Hence, more breakthroughs could occur at any time. 

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