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FDA Regulations

There have been reports from the FDA lately that there are many cases of lung disease involving vaping of THC oils in many states. Further research shows this is happening in non-legal cannabis states where there is no regulation and testing of cannabis and vape oil products.

What Are Lipids?

They are finding that in these unregulated markets, the oil makers are using cheap and toxic solvents to manufacture their oils that contain toxic “lipids” like Vitamin  E oil or Olive oil which are not suppose to be heated and inhaled. When heated these chemicals become volatile and toxic. It is important to understand that it is not the vaping itself but the ingredients of what you are vaping that can cause health problems. 

Lab-tested Ingredients

 At Tiva Botanicals, we use only ingredients lab-tested and regulated in California for over 10 years. Our CBD oil is derived from CA Compliant 100% Hemp Plants, not Cannabis plants.  Our many flavors and terpenes are all 100% natural and organic.  We also guarantee the safety and potency of our products by providing CA Certified Lab Test Results and CBD COA (Certificate of Authentication)  on our website.  

Before you vape or ingest THC or CBD oil again, inspect the ingredients and test results to make sure you are medicating safely. There are many “fake” THC and CBD providers out there using cheap, toxic and untested oil ingredients and non-Hemp plant-based products that are harming people.

At Tiva Botanicals, our mission is to improve your health and well-being with 100% pure hemp, natural, and lab-tested CBD products.

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