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Having Trouble Falling Asleep?

Tiva Botanicals use’s premium full-spectrum CBD. Derived from organically grown hemp in the United States. In addition, each ingredient is carefully hand-selected. Because of its naturally occurring medicinal and sedative benefits.

Ingredients: Agave Nectar, Catnip, Chamomile Flowers, Lavender Blossoms, Natural Flavor Terpenes, Sweet Almond Oil, Valerian Root

Tiva Botanicals CBD Oil Potency

  • 83.07% CBD
  • 2.76 Delta 9 THC
  • 92.92% total cannabinoids.

Deep Sleep CBD Drops

Everyone Deserves a Rejuvenating Deep Sleep After a Long Day!

Our Deep Sleep CBD Drops help consumers achieve deep sleep. Formulated with CBD and proprietary blend of dried medicinal herbs. As a result, fall asleep at bedtime. Also, wake up feeling well-rested and rejuvenated. Getting enough sleep is vital for optimal health. Especially having more patience throughout the day.

It’s safe to assume, you know the consequences of pushing the “buttons” of a “tired person.”


Trust me, you don’t want to!

Things could get “confrontational real fast!”

More importantly, sleep deprivation is a serious health dilemma affecting billions worldwide. Even, in spite of the well-documented negative effects readily available on the internet.

So why does our society think working longer is the key to success?

Tiva Botanicals Deep Sleep CBD Drops help you catch up on sleep.

The truth is, no one is immune to the dangers of sleep deprivation.

Did you know, sleep deprivation is the leading cause of stress and anxiety?

The sad truth is… Chronic lack of sleep is crippling millions worldwide.

Tiva Botanicals Deep Sleep CBD Drops help you catch up on sleep.

Unfortunately, many people are robbed of sleep each night. Due to, busy schedules, overconsumption, and processed foods. As well as, too much refined white sugar and caffeine. With unpopular stigma on alternative health and natural sleep remedies. Due to FDA and Big Pharma lobbyists. Consequently, stoping millions of consumers from replacing harmful prescription sleeping pills with natural alternatives.

Sadly, our culture still resonates with the sigmas created by The FDA and Big Pharma. Even more frustrating all in the name of public health!!

Or rather, I should say…“Trying to keep a multi-billion dollar broken health industry profitable…”

Unveiling Hemp’s True Magic Power…

To further illustrate, the Hemp plant or (Cannabis sativa plant species). Has been used for centuries by every civilization. As a result, Hemp is highly praised for its various industrial applications. Its fibrous characteristics. But most noteworthy, its medicinal hemp oil. However, as a result of being associated with marijuana. Relentless lobbying from the lumber industry. Made scientific research on the “Cannabis Sativa Plant” illegal for decades.

Just recently, the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 passed. Lifting federal bans on commercial production of hemp. Therefore major consumer markets can now buy and sell CBD products legally. It appears the FDA’s sigma on treating sleeping issues with CBD is quickly dissipating. In fact, I find this very encouraging! To finally see society excepting natural remedies and alternative health cures. As the new Norm.

Exciting News for CBD Entrepreneurs!

Certainly due to impact global CBD markets in a positive way. Essentially creating millions of new international E-commerce consumers overnight. Who are ready to ditch dangerous sleeping prescription drugs.

To buy high potent CBD oil tinctures for sleep. So at last, dealing with a chronic sleeping problem naturally with CBD accepted globally. It is the new trendy alternative health option. Ultimately, all thanks to accurate information being distributed on social media and mainstream news outlets.

Buy Deep Sleep CBD Drops for Sleep Issues.

Deep Sleep CBD Drops help achieve deep sleep every night. Without waking up hungover or groggy in the morning. Each ingredient is hand-select. With an intention to help you fall asleep quickly. So you may feel the sedative effects sooner than expected on an empty stomach.

How Much CBD for Deep Sleep?

In fact, there is no ‘correct’ CBD dosage limit. So, optimal CBD dosage will vary per individual. even more based on individual body weight, metabolism, and chemistry. So we recommend seeking advice from a doctor. With all questions about optimal CBD dosage. 

What Time Should I Take CBD before bed?

An important fact may take up to 2 hours to feel the effect. As a result, we recommend 1 hour before bed or until learning how CBD products affect you.  

CBD Product How to use CBD tincture? Serving Size Concentration Typical Dosage per Serving
Tincture Sublingual using a dropper or mixed in with food/drinks 1 mL 100 mg to 5000 mg 3.3mg to 166.67mg


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  1. Irmgard Wilblinger (verified owner)

    I have a difficult time falling a sleep at night. So, I thought I would give this product a try to see if it would help me fall a sleep. I took two droppers of the Deep Sleep Tincture and felt myself getting drowsy after 20 minutes and before I knew it I was asleep. I also did not feel groggy in the morning. Great product will definitely keep using it.

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